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創 作 … 果てのない旅
馬鹿らしいって? なら好きにすればいい
でもね まかなきゃ〜何も実らないんだよ


●MY MUSIC'S MISSING SOMETHING ( Miyuki Suzuki )  1973.10.


I was feeling my music was lacking something, and I didn't know what it was.
Until recently, I've been composing music only for self-satisfaction, although I hadn't realized it.
but one day, I noticed a strange emotion within myself that was a still, but yet strong feeling.
It was like the feeling we have when we see snowflakes falling silently.
So I tried and tried to make music for someone, to communicate that impression as correctly as I could, but I didn't feel the music was enough to do so.
Since then I've been thinking about for whom I should compose, and what sort of music it should be.
What I'm thinking now is this; music is made by any emotions for lovable, beautiful things, or people we respect, etc.
Such emotions express themselves together with the standard of values which are influenced by the social environment.

When I come to think of it, I can see music is a product of society, and that it has gone through many changes during history.
Passing through the periods of Imperialism and FeudalismA°Cthe time of Capitalism has arrived and also music has shifted from "court music" to "commercial music."
That has made music more popular.
It is difficult to find high artistic ability inherited from former great musicians in today's popular music.
Of course, I know we are charmed in other ways through this kind of music, and I think it is a great advance for all of us that such music has become ours.
All of us must recognize these things, and must get rid of the old thinking that classical music is the only musical art.
Also, if there is someone who thinks ciassical music is tiresome, just remember the feeling you have when you hear a foreign language which you don't know yet.
After you learn about it, you will develop at taste for it.
It's really difficult to understand music.
Surely, a construction of popular music is simpler than classical music, but I haven't found the heart of popular music yet; I still find it difficult to do so.

I want to compose "Artistic Popular Music" in the future, that is, music understandable for anyone and able to raise the level of the listener, player, and of course, musical art.
I think the artist who composes a new type of music needs to find people who find joy in his music and people who understand the theory.
He will be given courage and the spirit to overcome any difficulties in his works by the appearance of such people.
And he will try to compose for them with all his ability.
I think these are expressions of love in a broad sense, and I realize that this is the thing my music lacks.
I will try to build up my music, and I must try to walk along my own new way from now on.
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